Top 5 ways to improve patient experience in your dental practice


When the patient leaves the clinic happily it means you did an outstanding job. However, your treatment is only a single factor here that influences the patient’s experience. The following points will be able to help you find out as to how you can enhance your patients’ experience further:

Easy appointments

If the patients will face no difficulties in booking your clinic’s appointments then it would surely enhance the patient experience. Doing so is not a difficult task as well. You should begin using dental clinic software to enhance the appointment booking system of your clinic. When you will begin using such software, patients will be able to find your clinic online and make appointments too. The entire process will take a few minutes and they wouldn’t have to run to your clinic every time they want to book appointments. Moreover, new patients will find it easier to search for your clinic as it would be available online.

Printed prescriptions

A common trait among doctors and dentists is providing illegible prescriptions. It might seem professional but most of the patients hate it. That is so because they would want to read the prescription and see which medicines they will have to take. You can enhance the patient experience further by providing printed prescriptions. The dental software will help you in this regard as well. It will generate printed prescriptions and send a soft copy to the digital patient records.

No delays in treatment

Another important thing you should focus on is to keep all the supplies complete. You would not want to delay a treatment because you ran out of certain medicines. This can cause immense frustration to the patients and it is clear that it would leave a bad impression for your dental clinic. Such instances show carelessness and can damage the reputation of the clinic significantly. You can use software solutions to keep the inventory in check and ensure that you are running out on anything.

Focus on patient’s requirements

As the dentist, it is your duty to focus solely on the needs of your patients. However, when one is running a dental clinic many worries surround the mind. This can cause hindrances in your aim to focus solely on your patients. Using clinic management software would certainly help here. It would maintain the future appointments as well as the patient records. Therefore, you will be able to perform your duties easily.

Keeping in touch

When the dentist keeps checking up on the health of his or her patients, the patients feel much appreciated. Thus, you should make sure that you employ a system which keeps you in regular contact with them. This wouldn’t take much effort too because many dental clinic solutions offer this advantage.


Now, you should not have any difficulty in enhancing your patients’ experience. Regarding the software, you can contact us for the same. We will certainly help you in that regard.

Get quick appointment system with the appointment scheduler & reminder


Dental clinics are becoming more advanced as new technological solutions developed for them. Numerous innovations have taken place and the arrival of scheduling software is one of them. You can easily increase the number of your patients as well as enhance the patient experience with such an implementation:

Online bookings

Being available online is now essential for a dental clinic to succeed in this market. That is so because the users of the internet are increasing phenomenally and it would clearly benefit if people can find you easily. Growing the number of patients will surely generate more revenue and thus, it will help you succeed. By providing the facility of booking appointments online, you will be able to perform this task with ease. People tend to search for everything online these days. If they require a dentist, then they would search for one. Being available online will help you attract such customers.

It also enhances the patient experience. The traditional system of booking dental appointments requires patients to visit the clinic for this task. This takes a great amount of time and effort. With this kind of a facility, you will attract more customers because you will reduce the effort it takes to book an appointment. For this purpose, you will require dental scheduling software. Such a software solution will put your dental clinic online and implement a simple yet effective booking system.

Scheduled appointments

Scheduling the appointments is also essential for your clinic. When there are many bookings, a good scheduling system would ensure you do not miss any. Missing an appointment can be really embarrassing for the dentist. Unless it is an emergency, the dentist should not miss an appointment with the patient. Currently, there are plenty of scheduling solutions present in the market that can help you with this problem.

The software schedules all of your appointments accordingly and thus, you do not have to stress on it. Moreover, the software will perform all these tasks automatically; it will figure out the free time and designate the time.

Regular reminders

Regular reminders will also help you in making sure you don’t miss any of these appointments. Good dental appointment software provides this facility. You will get the reminders of all the appointments you have. Not only you but the patients will get the reminders too if they download the respective software. Clearly, this enhances the quality of patient service you offer.

Reminders are essential because they reduce the chances of the occurrence of any mistakes. As stated earlier, you would not want to miss any of the bookings your patients make.


Getting such a system is not a difficult task as well. You can opt to search for these systems online. You can also choose to contact us for this purpose. We will surely help you in getting the best scheduling software for your dental clinic. You will not have to put any additional effort into searching with our help.

Key Metrics to Track in a Dental Practice Management

Modern dental practice management system has built-in modules that merge all the information and present the key measurements in an effectively traceable dashboard. This simplifies the act of following key metrics. Insightful systems can get to alarm you when something is amiss, therefore keeping a consistent eye on the metrics that genuinely influence the productivity of your practice. Getting of the key metrics requires significant thought as a great deal of these metrics can be gotten from the vast amount of information gotten. While some are valuable indicators, others have no genuine significance and may even show a contrary pattern. There are three metrics to look at namely Operating, quality and financial metrics. Below is how these metrics work.

Quality Metrics

Under quality metrics, you have the revisits, productivity, and the ratio of hygiene. As you know, revisits are a vital genuine metric to quantify patient satisfaction, therefore, revising this metric is likewise an awesome method to boost assured revenue in hygiene. Productivity is also an important metric and can be measured individually. When it is measured individually, it is done at a provider level. Productivity guarantees provider can talk and agree to treatment plans and designs with your patient. Following this metric enables you to focus in on the non-productive providers and offer them training in patient administration. The ratio of hygiene is a vital metric as well as it will enable your regular patients to choose you for your helpful care.

Operating Metric

Operating metrics consists of three factors namely schedule efficiency, staff productivity and check ins and outs. Higher efficiency implies you can expand your practice while low efficiency means you need to center around expanding your outreach and efforts to getting new patients and patient engagement increment so as to receive better revisits. The metric checks on the scheduled slots total number divided by the available slots. This, in turn, gives you a good thought of where to look at increasing income. Staff productivity has various metrics that will inform you if you are over or understaffed. This is because it measures time each team member spends on a task. Overstaffing prompts low practice effectiveness and under-staffing prompts terrible client encounter. Check times also do improve efficiency. If you spend fewer times attending to patients and providing great care, then you will have more patients that you will attend. This, in turn, results in more revenue.

Financial Metrics

This metric consists of profit earned, gross revenue and free cash. These three metrics are most important and should be measured closely. However simple it may sound, many dental clinics fail to track the exact profits, gross revenue, and free cash as they miss out on inefficiencies.

Measuring and continually examining all the KPI’s is the best way to precisely see how your practice has performed before and have a rough idea of how it will in the future. In any case some areas are performing badly, then you can adjust and this is only possible when you use the practice management software.

Get complete analysis of Dental Practice through Dentee’s Practice Management Software

Just like other industries, the healthcare industry is a standout amongst the timeliest verticals to get and fuse healthcare technologies. The technologies have led to some advancement, for instance, practice management software. This has led the healthcare industry to engage in a remedial system including dental pros to get a patient-driven approach, compelling the effects of a limited therapeutic workforce by making and assembling clinical, administrative and cash related data profitably. The software solution has engaged dental experts to streamline their work procedure. Subsequently, the emergence of medical practice management software solutions has completely changed the dentistry part. An overview of what Dental practice management software does is that it is software that dentists and other health professionals use in their daily operations. Dentee clinic is one place to look in terms of managing your dental practice. We provide the best dental practice management software which has so many key features as highlighted below.

Electronic Patient records Electronic

Patient Records or EPR includes a progression of programming applications which unite key clinical and authoritative information in one place. They are stored digitally on secure servers. It is beneficial as patients medical records can be viewed when its needed anytime unlike the traditional method where clinicians had to wait for the paper records. This has further led to the accuracy of data and patient’s confidentiality of information is safeguarded.

Appointments and Schedulers

As a dentist, much of your workflow depends on appointments and scheduling therefore when these two run smoothly, other processes will. This software allows you to see your time slots, other dentists, and treatments taking place as well as other patient’s status. When it comes to appointments, the automated feature does not require any intervention once set up. It will remind your patients about the upcoming dental appointments as well as the dentist.

SMS and Email notification

Sms and Email notifications will help you stay connected with your patients, therefore, you will be able to send emails and sms’s to patients reminding them about the upcoming appointments, billing, and prescriptions.


It is very tedious sitting with a pen and a paper working on scheduling the dentists but with this software, work has been eased as it will assist you with set up and administration. Our software has a user interface for administration, helps you manage your doctors as well as assigning role-based access among others.

Accounts and Cash Management

Automated abilities in your dental programming can streamline a few procedures, arranging for more opportunity for you and your group to center around patient care. The most well-known are automated billing. Patients will be billed automatically and receive invoices once they receive treatment. You can also print the bill if you so wish in the language of your choice as well as customization. Other features include managing and monitoring of the dental inventory and document management, managing your dental lab among others. Our dental management software has all under one roof.

Send Email & SMS reminders to the patient directly through Dentee mobile application


Keeping a direct contact with your patients can help you significantly in enhancing the growth of your dental institution. The Dentee app makes the process much easier and the following points will help you further:

Sending Emails is essential

Contacting your patients through Email is a necessary task. People check their Emails every day and registering your presence there makes sure they are aware of you. It helps a lot in building trust. Email marketing has been one of the fundamentals of online marketing. That is so because the response rate through this medium is much higher in comparison to the others. You can add a personal touch to the Email and increase the chances of generating a new lead. You will not have to put too much effort into convincing your patients to get your services or coming to your clinic if you will keep in contact with the Email.

Through a dental mobile app, the task of sending Emails to the patients will become quite easy as well. The mobile app has a simple interface that not only lets you send the Emails to your respective patients, but it also lets you create Email groups to ease the process of sending the Emails. You can create an Email group to do conversations collectively without taking any risks.

Vary your marketing

It is possible that some of your patients might not have any Emails. Contacting them ,however can be done in a different way through SMS. Almost every person uses cellular services and so, using SMS to contacting patients and promoting your dental clinic is an amazing way. It lets you broaden your reach as there are more users of SMS than Email.

By varying your marketing strategy, you will be able to enhance your user experience as well. Having such a variety also enables you to employ different marketing tactics suiting your approach and reputation. The Dentee’s dental app helps you in this regard too. You can send SMS to all of your patients with just a few clicks. It does not take much time. Like Email, you can create groups for easing the process of contacting the patients. People value personalized SMS highly and so this implementation can help you a lot.

Stay in touch

Apart from marketing, you can send reminders and prescriptions to your patients as well. Staying in touch with your patients is an incredible way of building trust and creating a bond between you and them. Your patients will not miss any appointments too as you will send them reminders of the same beforehand. Such practice helps you in enhancing your goodwill too. Goodwill is an important intangible asset for any dental clinic.


It is clear that there are many advantages of using the app for marketing and contacting your patients. The app offers an easy to use interface so you should not worry about that. You should get it fast.

Manage your dental lab with the clinic management software


Every dental clinic tends to have its own dental lab. It is certain that yours has a lab too. Even if it is one of the core components of a dental institution, it takes much effort to manage it successfully. Thankfully, the current market now offers software for this purpose. You can use the software to remove the hassles of dental lab management while availing all the benefits:

Take care of your budget

The budget of your dental institution does not need to be humongous. However, it requires constant monitoring. You would want to find out where most of your money goes and how you can increase your revenue through them. Not every expense would be bad. Still, it is important to check every transaction to see if there are any errors. It will also help you understand the financial structure of your institute more easily.

The dental practice management software will help you a lot in this regard. It lets you see all the transactions regarding your dental clinic. From the purchase of the inventory to earnings from the patients, you will get to see all the data within a few clicks. The software makes the process much easier. It has a simple interface and provides the data in a comprehensive manner.

Avoid errors

Any error in the management of the inventory can lead to disturbing consequences. That is so because spotting a minute error is hard before it causes any trouble. An error can not only lead to an embarrassing situation for you but it can also lead to financial losses. The human calculation is more prone to errors and so it would be best if you let software manage your clinic.

It will enable you to enhance the productivity of your entire clinic too. You will be able to find any relevant files quickly. If you want to contact a patient, you do not need to go through drawers full of files. Instead, you can find the contact information saved in the dental software and act accordingly.

Organize the inventory

Organizing and managing the inventory is another cumbersome task for many dental clinics. Apart from the dental supplies, you would require the regular supplies of any business such as stationery. As you will broaden your horizons, you will expand your inventory too. Through the use of the clinic management software, you will succeed in avoiding many hassles present in this regard.

You can check the current inventory and see what supplies are required. Using the information, you can easily modify your budget. Such information is pretty handy while running a dental clinic. You will be able to Email the digital Rx to your lab as well, which is an important feature of such software.


It must be clear to you as to how the software can help you reduce the difficulty of managing your dental lab. You can contact us if you have any queries pertaining to the software as well.

The Advantages of Utilizing Latest Technologies in Dental Clinics

In these modern times, keeping records and schedules of patients has become very easy thanks to clinic management software. It has transformed the administration and workings of the health industry in India.

As a dentist, this software can allow you to keep the records of your patients, including gender, drug sensitivity, address and age among other details. The software can be able to print out patient records and bills and even the reports of their diagnoses. On top of this, the software is able to maintain accounts and schedule appointments and record the stock of medicines.

The software provides you with a means to store your records electronically. This removes the need for papers which require huge storage spaces and are susceptible to degradation. The clinic management software allows you to access patient information quickly and in an efficient way. With the touch of a button, you can have the whole medical history of the patient. The software also allows the different departments in a dental facility to share information with each other through the cloud based capabilities of the system.

Software from a reputable dental software company such as Dentee has also been proven to improve the efficiency of clinics all over India. This is because it eases the printing of prescriptions and scheduling of appointments. It also maintains the inventories, reducing the operating expenses of the clinic and improving productivity. The system has also been seen to improve the response from patients. This is due to reduced waiting time, improved billing methods and faster checkouts.

Dentee’s dental clinic management software is also accurate and for this reason, it is not likely for dentists to administer the wrong treatments due to incorrect diagnosis. A printed prescription is legible unlike handwritten. The system will generally increase the pace at which you offer your services at your clinic. All the processes that consume time such as billing, filing and looking for records of patients will be improved by the system, effectively increasing service delivery time.

Dentee also provides dental charting software, which allows users to come up with very amazing chart presentations. The built in features of the software will help you manage your dental practice more easily. The charting software has an easy learning curve and you can easily get the hang of it since it is not complicated. The software allows you to rapidly create different restorations on the tooth in a matter of seconds.

Our charting software is flexible and it provides an opportunity for you to make more than one treatment plan and arrange them in any order you want. The charting software also has appealing graphics and a beautiful design to show professionalism. It also allows you to see charting history by date, procedure code, tooth number and provider.

You can also use access patient information from any internet enabled device since the information is backed up to cloud storage. The clinic management software may be what is lacking to make your clinic more efficient. Many dentists have already integrated this system in their clinics and many more are embracing this technology for improved service and increased efficiency.

Take Care Of your Patient to Next level With Dentee Mobile App

After starting their practices, many dentists usually find out that dentistry actually involves knowledge of other disciplines such as IT, business management, law, accounting and marketing. Due to the many tasks that need to be done, it is not a wonder that dental practices usually have some shortcomings. This is the reason why dental mobile apps are useful.

A dental mobile app is beneficial to both the patient and the doctor. The dentists who utilize mobile apps to create an efficient and predictable environment in their dental office are able to increase profits. Therefore, investing in such an app is worth it.

To get a good return on your investment, you should choose a dental app that can address most of the things dental offices experience each day. They include scheduling, emergencies, patient information and collections. To make sure that the application is efficient and effective, it is recommended that you address your shortcomings first.

By using a dental application, you can put your smartphone to work in your practice in a new way. This will help to reduce your administrative expenses, streamline your administrative processes and make it easier and faster to order supplies. You will also find it easier to provide your patients with educational materials and communicate with them.

You can take advantage of the many dental apps available in the market to enhance the experience for your patients. Even though some patient focused applications are not designed for dentists, you can still use them to enhance patient relationships in a number of ways.

One of the best dental mobile apps in the market is the Dentee app. This is a mobile application for dentists, which addresses all of the services for dental practitioners ranging from dentist education to dental ecommerce to online dental clinic visibility as well as management software for dental practices. It is the most powerful management software for dental practice. It is inspired by Dentee’s deep experience in dental treatment and passion for upcoming technological innovations which improve patient care.

One of the online platforms in the Dentee app is Dentee Manage. It allows dentists to manage their dental practices more easily. This app will enable you to keep records electronically, book appointments easily and even set reminders. It has a calendar and custom workflows and EMR management built in to fit your needs to make patient treatment efficient. It is simply the best dental software in India.

Another platform is Dentee Educate, which allows dentists to learn and update themselves on the latest trends in the field of dentistry. It allows the dentist community to keep up with events like upcoming dental exhibitions or trade fairs. It will also allow you to get notifications on recommended dental courses or dental speakers.

Dental Buy is the other platform in our dental app. It provides the largest dental industry E-commerce platform. You can get dental products from this platform at affordable prices.

The other platform is Dentee Discover, which allows dentists to establish a professional online presence. This will allow you to reach hundreds of thousands of patients who are looking for dentist practitioners. Dentee app is the modern age management software for dental practitioners. It can distinguish you from the rest of the dentists by allowing you to have a better online presence. It will also allow you to easily access to patients all over the world.

Things to be considered before buying dental products online


Buying dental supplies online is the best thing to when the need arises. That is so because the market is amazingly big. You will need to put a great lot of effort if you want to check every option available. Moreover, searching locally also causes numerous difficulties. On the other hand, buying online leads to many benefits and advantages that you would not get through the other method. You do not need to go anywhere and you can make the purchases anytime. Apart from that, you can also compare the stores more easily because you will not need to visit any particular location. In order to make the right choices and reduce hassles, you should keep the following points in mind.

The requirements:

You should note your requirements first. When you will keep your requirements in mind, you will succeed in avoiding a great amount of confusion. Understanding the things you need to get will make sure that you do not wander off and end up buying wasteful products. Checking the inventory of your dental institution will help you significantly in this regard. Just make sure that you get the required materials crosschecked. Even though buying online does not cause much difficulty, you would not want to waste your time on doing everything all over again.

The budget:

You should recognize your spending capability. You might be able to spend a lot or you might have considerable restrictions. In any case, it is important that you fix your budget before entering the market. It will also help you in removing any doubts you might encounter while seeing the products of numerous brands present in the industry. When you buy dental products online, you get to see the products of almost all the manufacturers present in the sector. That is why fixing the budget beforehand will give you a solid advantage.

The credibility of the store:

The credibility of the online store is also a vital point. You can check the authenticity of the website with its copyright details and about us page. Those places should give you all the necessary knowledge in this regard. The store should be reputed as well. If the user interface is good then you can trust the website too. That is so because in most cases of fraud, the website looks cheap and displays cheaper dental material at the lowest prices possible. You should avoid websites that fail to provide good user experiences.

The vastness of selection:

Numerous choices should be available to you. If the store offers few choices, then you can easily understand that it is not worth your time. Apart from that, you should also keep in mind to find the right product; you should also get the right choices. When the selection is vast, the buyers get more freedom and so the buying process becomes easier.


With these points in mind, you will avoid most of the difficulties when you will need to buy dental supplies online.

Book hassle free dentist appointments in just few clicks on


Finding dentists and booking appointments was a tedious task before. One needed to put some effort and spend a significant amount of time in order to do the same. He or she needed to visit a dental clinic and book the appointment there or contact the clinic through a phone. Still, it caused considerable hassle to the patient. However, with the help of technology, you can now remove all the difficulties of finding and booking the right dentist. You will not need to go anywhere in order to find the right dentist for your requirements. You can do all the things through a simple device along with a decent internet connection.

It is possible for you to feel confusion in this regard because the market does not have many great dental scheduling software applications. However, there are a few exceptions and they are amazing. The following points will help you understand as to why you need a great application and what the major benefits of the same are.

Reminder for follow-up:

Through advanced software, you will also get this feature. It will remind you to do the follow-up call for confirmation of the appointment. Many times, people make the mistake of finishing the online formalities but they forget to perform the follow-up call. This can lead to an extremely awkward position for you because you would expect the appointment to be complete. Moreover, you could easily forget to make the call due to some work or any other task. With the help of Dentee’s dental appointment software, you would be able to avoid all the difficulties present in this regard.

Quick booking through the mobile app:

Searching the internet for the best dentist present in your locality is a different task from booking an appointment. Through the application, you will be able to book the dentist quickly without spending much time. You just have to make a few clicks and your task will be finished. Other methods of booking a dentist take significant time and effort.

Book the dentist online:

Booking the dentist is certainly an amazing advantage of this platform. You will not need to worry about hassles of visiting the clinic beforehand. You will get all the required information such as the contact details, location and the name of the dentist to make a clear decision in this regard. It also means that you can book your dentist from anywhere at any time. You can book the appointment during a commute or during some rest.

Scheduler for an appointment:

The application also provides a scheduler so if you have more than one appointment then you will not need to undergo much trouble. The scheduler will reduce most of the difficulties by reminding you at necessary intervals as well.


Now you may understand as to why you should not worry about booking a dentist online. Dentee provides an exceptional software application that you can use for finding, comparing and booking the right dentist for you. You will get many other advantages apart from the ones present in this article.