Clinic Management Software – A boon to your practice

Every practice should have a vision of what good access is. This should be formed through engagement with your staff and patients and should be something that you are constantly working towards. To keep track of huge number of files containing all records of your patients amounts to additional workload. That is why Clinic Management Software is being proposed. Clinic Management Software is developed using a web-based concept. Adoption of clinic management software is overwhelming. The number of dental practices using clinic management software has increased measurably over the past decade.

How was the practice before CMS :

Noting Patient details and history on paper
Alotting case number to each patient which can be confusing
Making individual files for patient and storing them
Storage of such files is tedious
High chances that files are damaged and all history is lost
Calling patients before their appointments to confirm
Scheduling appointments was arduous
Storing hard copy of patient X ray for a long time damages their quality

How the Practice evovled with CMS :

Clinic management software provides a single, secure and safe place to store all patient records
Easy to add pateint detials and no need to write
No paper, files required so storage place is not needed
Patient X rays and files can be veiwed anytime using the software
Automated allotment of case numbers reduces manual effort
Sms, email and print prescription and bill
No need to maintain receipt book, just print receipt from the data stored
Automated Sms sent to patients as reminder prior to appointment
Schedule appointment with one click
Manage multiple clinics from one clinic management software
Access from phone using the mobile app

Choosing the best CMS for your practice:

As we know there are thousands of clinic management softwares in market. Many of them have fulfilled the expectations of the buyers upto a certain extent. Amongst this sea of softwares, some has evolved and made its presence felt. These clinic management software is designed exclusively for managing dental practice. Many softwares promise to be best but either they are costly or are complicated. It provides maximum features, is cost effective and user friendly. It also provides an important feature of managing multiple clinics from one place.
Ease and time required to book appointments are important criteria’s in busy schedule of dentist. Clinic management software provides a solution for this as it is easy to use and you can book appointments instantly. Clinic management software is made so easy that any person eg. receptionist, assitant with basic computer knowlegde can use it. It provides best features at an affordable price. It has a well developed support team dedicated to solve problems of its users instantly.

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