Dental Clinic Management Software: Transform your practice…..

If you run a dental practice, you understand how difficult it can be to juggle everything you need to in order to be successful. Unfortunately, most dentists find it difficult to run their practice and handle patient care at the same time. Support staff can assist greatly with the management side of the practice, but what could really benefit your practice is a good dental management management software.
Here are some of the ways in which dental management software can help dentist to organize their practice and provide a good platform to expand it.
Dental management software allows staff to input appointment dates and times. All information is secured within a spreadsheet that is easy to read and change. Customizable colors, tabs, and views allow for easy access and organization. Also, alerts that detail missed appointments, changed dates, and other pertinent information can be set up.
Dental management software helps to keep all patient information in a detailed database. Patient information can be filled out easily by both dentists and receptionists. General health history, oral health details, and information about cleanings and treatments can all be placed in electronic files. Also, interactive diagrams of the teeth can be utilized to show patient specific dental information. All records are organized and stored under the patient’s name for easy access.
Dental management software provides easy billing. Payment history is stored safely. Also, the software calculates the treatment cost and makes note of the pending dues. Printed reciepts can be given to the patients or can be emailed. Sms can also be sent to the patient as an reminder to clear dues using dental management software.
Accounting software is built into the dental management system. This means that payroll can be calculated and employees can be paid. Also, vender information and invoices can be organized and sent out with payments. Business taxes are calculated with the software too, and quarterly tax information is detailed. Business profits, losses, and overhead costs are produced with the accounting software as well.
Dental management software can be efficiently used to keep record of lab work. Dentist can store the information regarding what work is sent to the lab, whether it is received. Payments history of the lab can be stored.
Assistant, receptionist can be given limited access to the software so that privacy is maintained.
Dentist can add consultants to his profile and manage appointments from one dental management software. Also, multiple clinics can be managed with ease.
Patient X rays, photos can be stored in the dental management software for long period of time without damage. Access to these records can be done anytime.

Based on the above mentioned features it is a proven fact that dental management software has changed the face of dental practice. The constant innovation in the field of IT upgrades the software regularly and makes it more easier to use.

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