Clinic Management Software: “the need of the hour”

The Information technology circle is upgrading constantly to obtain more clients, to improve the performance, the quality of services and to increase profits. To acheive this Information Technology (IT) has been improving technologies, promoting changes in the way the information is created. Dental management software is the application of both the computer and the scientific information in the improvement of the dental practice. There are various dental management softwares available in market. However, because of the lack of advance computer knowledge, the dentist is subject to dissatisfaction with the product chosen, for not meeting their needs because it is a program whose handling is complex and it has no safe regarding to the improper access of the data or their loss.
Dental management software companies provide the users with free trail version for over a period of 7 days to 15 days. This facility is given to the user to evaluate the software, get accustom to it. The dentist is allowed to access all the fearures of the dental management software during the trail period. Any dental management software should satisfy the following criteria: functionality, interface, safety and price. Concerning to their functionalities, the presence of mandatory items were verified (identification of the patient, clinical examination, treatment planning, treatment evolution and intercurrences) which comprised the clinical record as well as additional items (prescriptions, documents, patient files and reciept). Dental management software interface is the name given to all portion of a system with which the dentist maintain contact when using it, both actively and passively. The interface of the software must have: visibility of system status, system compatibility with the real world, user control and freedom, consistency and standards, error prevention and efficiency of use, aesthetic and minimalist design, help tool recognizable by the user.
Another important factor to be considered is protection against the non-authorized use or access to the information, as well as the protection. Dental management software should keep the record safely. Security filters should be used for this purpose. Also, the price of the dental management software should be affordable. It is mandatory that all dental management software keep the profile of dentist updated, contain the name and registration number of the dentist, years of experience and speciality. The identification of the patient is also important not only because it enables to know who he/she is and how to find him/her, but also because it enables detailed information about her/him (age, gender, address, nationality, occupation etc.). The clinical examination part is divided into the intra- and extraoral examination. In the intraoral examination, there is the dental chart and the evaluation of the oral tissues. Concerning to the treatment plan, dental management software has a vast data of different treatment options, the dentist has to select one of the options. Prescriptions can be sent via sms, email or a hard copy can be printed and given to the patient using dental management software.
Dental management software reduces the financial burden of the dentist as all the payment details are stored at one place. The patient gets notified about the payment made at the clinic. Also, the dentist generates an invioce immediately using the software. Printed bill can be given to the patient instantly and no reciept book is needed. Due to the above mentioned advantages many dentist have started using dental management software. Dental management software has definately helped dentist to expand their practice with ease.

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