DENTEE – Manage, Educate, Buy : ‘Improving access, responding to patients, simplifying dentistry’

“The goal of management is to remove obstacles.”
About us –
We believe in innovation and have strong reputation for that. Dentee is developed by team of highly skilled engineers from institutes like IITs, RECs under the guidance of reputed business specialists. We offer the best clinic management software for dentists worldwide.
Dentee – Clinic management software
It is an online multi clinic comprehensive, fully integrated and innovative dental practice management software that can optimize the complete administration of the dental clinics with zero margin for error.
Salient features of Dentee – Manage:
1) PATIENT MANAGEMENT – Manage patient details, history, diagnosis, treatment plan, track lab work, email prescriptions, documents, billing etc.
2) PATIENT APPOINTMENTS – Manage appointments of your patients in different user friendly views with patients waiting time analysis.
3) INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Manage inventory of dental materials, contact suppliers, and maintains record of purchase and usage.
4) MULTI – CLINIC – Connect to other clinic for desired information from your clinic.
5) DOCUMENTS & REPORTS – Manage documents of patients such as X-ray, images, testimonials and generate reports for analysis.
6) LAB WORK – Integrate with dental lab to keep track of lab work at each stage of production.
7) ADMINISTRATION – Configure and administer the master data as per your needs for the clinic.
8) SMS & EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS – Appointment reminder, routine checkup reminder, events, notify patients about relocation of clinic etc.
How we can help you benefit from your small investment in Dentee:
a) Developed in latest technologies under the guidance of reputed dentists and by highly skilled technical team.
b) Free trial version for a period of one month. As technologies change, we upgrade our software to meet the latest technologies needs and have updates at regular period
c) Very easy, intuitive and user friendly interface. Easy to use by support staff
d) Roles based securities to keep your data secure.
e) Money back warranty period for two months
f) Complete software solution including associated support and services
g) Reduce the potential of clinical records being misinterpreted by reporting concise information appropriate to all users and recipients.
h) Improved communication between doctors, staff, lab and patients thus maximizing the efficiency of the clinic.
i) Instant support from back office team
We can contribute effectively towards helping you in automation of your Clinic need and overcome your immediate concerns.

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