Send Email & SMS reminders to the patient directly through Dentee mobile application


Keeping a direct contact with your patients can help you significantly in enhancing the growth of your dental institution. The Dentee app makes the process much easier and the following points will help you further:

Sending Emails is essential

Contacting your patients through Email is a necessary task. People check their Emails every day and registering your presence there makes sure they are aware of you. It helps a lot in building trust. Email marketing has been one of the fundamentals of online marketing. That is so because the response rate through this medium is much higher in comparison to the others. You can add a personal touch to the Email and increase the chances of generating a new lead. You will not have to put too much effort into convincing your patients to get your services or coming to your clinic if you will keep in contact with the Email.

Through a dental mobile app, the task of sending Emails to the patients will become quite easy as well. The mobile app has a simple interface that not only lets you send the Emails to your respective patients, but it also lets you create Email groups to ease the process of sending the Emails. You can create an Email group to do conversations collectively without taking any risks.

Vary your marketing

It is possible that some of your patients might not have any Emails. Contacting them ,however can be done in a different way through SMS. Almost every person uses cellular services and so, using SMS to contacting patients and promoting your dental clinic is an amazing way. It lets you broaden your reach as there are more users of SMS than Email.

By varying your marketing strategy, you will be able to enhance your user experience as well. Having such a variety also enables you to employ different marketing tactics suiting your approach and reputation. The Dentee’s dental app helps you in this regard too. You can send SMS to all of your patients with just a few clicks. It does not take much time. Like Email, you can create groups for easing the process of contacting the patients. People value personalized SMS highly and so this implementation can help you a lot.

Stay in touch

Apart from marketing, you can send reminders and prescriptions to your patients as well. Staying in touch with your patients is an incredible way of building trust and creating a bond between you and them. Your patients will not miss any appointments too as you will send them reminders of the same beforehand. Such practice helps you in enhancing your goodwill too. Goodwill is an important intangible asset for any dental clinic.


It is clear that there are many advantages of using the app for marketing and contacting your patients. The app offers an easy to use interface so you should not worry about that. You should get it fast.

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