Get complete analysis of Dental Practice through Dentee’s Practice Management Software

Just like other industries, the healthcare industry is a standout amongst the timeliest verticals to get and fuse healthcare technologies. The technologies have led to some advancement, for instance, practice management software. This has led the healthcare industry to engage in a remedial system including dental pros to get a patient-driven approach, compelling the effects of a limited therapeutic workforce by making and assembling clinical, administrative and cash related data profitably. The software solution has engaged dental experts to streamline their work procedure. Subsequently, the emergence of medical practice management software solutions has completely changed the dentistry part. An overview of what Dental practice management software does is that it is software that dentists and other health professionals use in their daily operations. Dentee clinic is one place to look in terms of managing your dental practice. We provide the best dental practice management software which has so many key features as highlighted below.

Electronic Patient records Electronic

Patient Records or EPR includes a progression of programming applications which unite key clinical and authoritative information in one place. They are stored digitally on secure servers. It is beneficial as patients medical records can be viewed when its needed anytime unlike the traditional method where clinicians had to wait for the paper records. This has further led to the accuracy of data and patient’s confidentiality of information is safeguarded.

Appointments and Schedulers

As a dentist, much of your workflow depends on appointments and scheduling therefore when these two run smoothly, other processes will. This software allows you to see your time slots, other dentists, and treatments taking place as well as other patient’s status. When it comes to appointments, the automated feature does not require any intervention once set up. It will remind your patients about the upcoming dental appointments as well as the dentist.

SMS and Email notification

Sms and Email notifications will help you stay connected with your patients, therefore, you will be able to send emails and sms’s to patients reminding them about the upcoming appointments, billing, and prescriptions.


It is very tedious sitting with a pen and a paper working on scheduling the dentists but with this software, work has been eased as it will assist you with set up and administration. Our software has a user interface for administration, helps you manage your doctors as well as assigning role-based access among others.

Accounts and Cash Management

Automated abilities in your dental programming can streamline a few procedures, arranging for more opportunity for you and your group to center around patient care. The most well-known are automated billing. Patients will be billed automatically and receive invoices once they receive treatment. You can also print the bill if you so wish in the language of your choice as well as customization. Other features include managing and monitoring of the dental inventory and document management, managing your dental lab among others. Our dental management software has all under one roof.

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