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The Advantages of Utilizing Latest Technologies in Dental Clinics

In these modern times, keeping records and schedules of patients has become very easy thanks to clinic management software. It has transformed the administration and workings of the health industry in India.

As a dentist, this software can allow you to keep the records of your patients, including gender, drug sensitivity, address and age among other details. The software can be able to print out patient records and bills and even the reports of their diagnoses. On top of this, the software is able to maintain accounts and schedule appointments and record the stock of medicines.

The software provides you with a means to store your records electronically. This removes the need for papers which require huge storage spaces and are susceptible to degradation. The clinic management software allows you to access patient information quickly and in an efficient way. With the touch of a button, you can have the whole medical history of the patient. The software also allows the different departments in a dental facility to share information with each other through the cloud based capabilities of the system.

Software from a reputable dental software company such as Dentee has also been proven to improve the efficiency of clinics all over India. This is because it eases the printing of prescriptions and scheduling of appointments. It also maintains the inventories, reducing the operating expenses of the clinic and improving productivity. The system has also been seen to improve the response from patients. This is due to reduced waiting time, improved billing methods and faster checkouts.

Dentee’s dental clinic management software is also accurate and for this reason, it is not likely for dentists to administer the wrong treatments due to incorrect diagnosis. A printed prescription is legible unlike handwritten. The system will generally increase the pace at which you offer your services at your clinic. All the processes that consume time such as billing, filing and looking for records of patients will be improved by the system, effectively increasing service delivery time.

Dentee also provides dental charting software, which allows users to come up with very amazing chart presentations. The built in features of the software will help you manage your dental practice more easily. The charting software has an easy learning curve and you can easily get the hang of it since it is not complicated. The software allows you to rapidly create different restorations on the tooth in a matter of seconds.

Our charting software is flexible and it provides an opportunity for you to make more than one treatment plan and arrange them in any order you want. The charting software also has appealing graphics and a beautiful design to show professionalism. It also allows you to see charting history by date, procedure code, tooth number and provider.

You can also use access patient information from any internet enabled device since the information is backed up to cloud storage. The clinic management software may be what is lacking to make your clinic more efficient. Many dentists have already integrated this system in their clinics and many more are embracing this technology for improved service and increased efficiency.

Take Care Of your Patient to Next level With Dentee Mobile App

After starting their practices, many dentists usually find out that dentistry actually involves knowledge of other disciplines such as IT, business management, law, accounting and marketing. Due to the many tasks that need to be done, it is not a wonder that dental practices usually have some shortcomings. This is the reason why dental mobile apps are useful.

A dental mobile app is beneficial to both the patient and the doctor. The dentists who utilize mobile apps to create an efficient and predictable environment in their dental office are able to increase profits. Therefore, investing in such an app is worth it.

To get a good return on your investment, you should choose a dental app that can address most of the things dental offices experience each day. They include scheduling, emergencies, patient information and collections. To make sure that the application is efficient and effective, it is recommended that you address your shortcomings first.

By using a dental application, you can put your smartphone to work in your practice in a new way. This will help to reduce your administrative expenses, streamline your administrative processes and make it easier and faster to order supplies. You will also find it easier to provide your patients with educational materials and communicate with them.

You can take advantage of the many dental apps available in the market to enhance the experience for your patients. Even though some patient focused applications are not designed for dentists, you can still use them to enhance patient relationships in a number of ways.

One of the best dental mobile apps in the market is the Dentee app. This is a mobile application for dentists, which addresses all of the services for dental practitioners ranging from dentist education to dental ecommerce to online dental clinic visibility as well as management software for dental practices. It is the most powerful management software for dental practice. It is inspired by Dentee’s deep experience in dental treatment and passion for upcoming technological innovations which improve patient care.

One of the online platforms in the Dentee app is Dentee Manage. It allows dentists to manage their dental practices more easily. This app will enable you to keep records electronically, book appointments easily and even set reminders. It has a calendar and custom workflows and EMR management built in to fit your needs to make patient treatment efficient. It is simply the best dental software in India.

Another platform is Dentee Educate, which allows dentists to learn and update themselves on the latest trends in the field of dentistry. It allows the dentist community to keep up with events like upcoming dental exhibitions or trade fairs. It will also allow you to get notifications on recommended dental courses or dental speakers.

Dental Buy is the other platform in our dental app. It provides the largest dental industry E-commerce platform. You can get dental products from this platform at affordable prices.

The other platform is Dentee Discover, which allows dentists to establish a professional online presence. This will allow you to reach hundreds of thousands of patients who are looking for dentist practitioners. Dentee app is the modern age management software for dental practitioners. It can distinguish you from the rest of the dentists by allowing you to have a better online presence. It will also allow you to easily access to patients all over the world.

Things to be considered before buying dental products online


Buying dental supplies online is the best thing to when the need arises. That is so because the market is amazingly big. You will need to put a great lot of effort if you want to check every option available. Moreover, searching locally also causes numerous difficulties. On the other hand, buying online leads to many benefits and advantages that you would not get through the other method. You do not need to go anywhere and you can make the purchases anytime. Apart from that, you can also compare the stores more easily because you will not need to visit any particular location. In order to make the right choices and reduce hassles, you should keep the following points in mind.

The requirements:

You should note your requirements first. When you will keep your requirements in mind, you will succeed in avoiding a great amount of confusion. Understanding the things you need to get will make sure that you do not wander off and end up buying wasteful products. Checking the inventory of your dental institution will help you significantly in this regard. Just make sure that you get the required materials crosschecked. Even though buying online does not cause much difficulty, you would not want to waste your time on doing everything all over again.

The budget:

You should recognize your spending capability. You might be able to spend a lot or you might have considerable restrictions. In any case, it is important that you fix your budget before entering the market. It will also help you in removing any doubts you might encounter while seeing the products of numerous brands present in the industry. When you buy dental products online, you get to see the products of almost all the manufacturers present in the sector. That is why fixing the budget beforehand will give you a solid advantage.

The credibility of the store:

The credibility of the online store is also a vital point. You can check the authenticity of the website with its copyright details and about us page. Those places should give you all the necessary knowledge in this regard. The store should be reputed as well. If the user interface is good then you can trust the website too. That is so because in most cases of fraud, the website looks cheap and displays cheaper dental material at the lowest prices possible. You should avoid websites that fail to provide good user experiences.

The vastness of selection:

Numerous choices should be available to you. If the store offers few choices, then you can easily understand that it is not worth your time. Apart from that, you should also keep in mind to find the right product; you should also get the right choices. When the selection is vast, the buyers get more freedom and so the buying process becomes easier.


With these points in mind, you will avoid most of the difficulties when you will need to buy dental supplies online.

Book hassle free dentist appointments in just few clicks on


Finding dentists and booking appointments was a tedious task before. One needed to put some effort and spend a significant amount of time in order to do the same. He or she needed to visit a dental clinic and book the appointment there or contact the clinic through a phone. Still, it caused considerable hassle to the patient. However, with the help of technology, you can now remove all the difficulties of finding and booking the right dentist. You will not need to go anywhere in order to find the right dentist for your requirements. You can do all the things through a simple device along with a decent internet connection.

It is possible for you to feel confusion in this regard because the market does not have many great dental scheduling software applications. However, there are a few exceptions and they are amazing. The following points will help you understand as to why you need a great application and what the major benefits of the same are.

Reminder for follow-up:

Through advanced software, you will also get this feature. It will remind you to do the follow-up call for confirmation of the appointment. Many times, people make the mistake of finishing the online formalities but they forget to perform the follow-up call. This can lead to an extremely awkward position for you because you would expect the appointment to be complete. Moreover, you could easily forget to make the call due to some work or any other task. With the help of Dentee’s dental appointment software, you would be able to avoid all the difficulties present in this regard.

Quick booking through the mobile app:

Searching the internet for the best dentist present in your locality is a different task from booking an appointment. Through the application, you will be able to book the dentist quickly without spending much time. You just have to make a few clicks and your task will be finished. Other methods of booking a dentist take significant time and effort.

Book the dentist online:

Booking the dentist is certainly an amazing advantage of this platform. You will not need to worry about hassles of visiting the clinic beforehand. You will get all the required information such as the contact details, location and the name of the dentist to make a clear decision in this regard. It also means that you can book your dentist from anywhere at any time. You can book the appointment during a commute or during some rest.

Scheduler for an appointment:

The application also provides a scheduler so if you have more than one appointment then you will not need to undergo much trouble. The scheduler will reduce most of the difficulties by reminding you at necessary intervals as well.


Now you may understand as to why you should not worry about booking a dentist online. Dentee provides an exceptional software application that you can use for finding, comparing and booking the right dentist for you. You will get many other advantages apart from the ones present in this article.

Improve the value of your Dental practice through Dentee’s New-Age Practice Management System

The number of dentist in the market is increasing rapidly. There are already hundreds of dentists in big cities like Mumbai. And growing in such competitive environment is quite difficult. You must do something unique for staying ahead of your competition. If you market yourself in the correct way, you can easily earn a high revenue. However, marketing yourself can be risky and a silly mistake can ruin your reputation. But don’t worry, because we have just the thing you need, the Dentee’s New-Age Dental Practice Management Software. This is a must have for the new dentists who want to make a name for themselves. The established dentists can use it for increasing their customer-base.

Benefits of Dentee’s Dental Office Management Software:

We did a lot of research and found out all the different features (benefits) of Dentee’s practice management software dental.

  1. Online patient records:
    Now you will not have to deal with a paper mess, because Dentee’s software keeps all the patient records on a server. It is common to see offices with dozens of piles of papers, however, those days are gone and it is time for us to become digital. Keeping the records online will not only increase space in your office, but it will also make it easy for you to sort the files, as you will not have to dig through a pile of endless papers.

  2. Email notifications:
    If you want to run a business as a dentist then you will  have to deal with a lot of patients at once However, it can become almost impossible without the help of a proper management software. This one will notify you via email or SMS, so you will never miss a call from patients. Not being available is a common problem for doctors of India, because of the massive population of the country. But with this software you can make sure that you make the most out of your time.

  3. Administrator:
    If you have a big staff and a lot of people work for you, then this feature can make life easy for you. The Dentee’s software lets you manage all your doctors, managers and staff directly. Without this type of organization, managing a big staff was painful. You can order people around while keeping them happy, as it has become much easier. The users of such services have loved it.

  4. Online appointment booking:
    This is not the first-in-class feature of this software, but the implementation is perfect. You can finally manage all of your patients’ appointments in one place. The software is very smart and it will remind you when the next appointment is set. If you are looking for increasing your customer base, then be sure to check it out.

With the help of Dentee’s practice management system, you can get many advantages over your competition and become successful in your work field. As it brings the solution to most of the problems one faces as a dentist.

Finding Dental Expert in your city got easier with Dentee

The modern lifestyle is full of work and allows negligible leisure time. It is certain that you face the problem of having no leisure time as well. Work pressure in every field has increased significantly and after work, a person has to take some out for the loved ones. Then, he or she would require spending some time with him or herself.

Technology has therefore evolved to reduce hassles and time consumption in other sectors of life. Dentee is an innovation in this regard as well. Through this innovative platform, you can find highly experienced dentists in your locality or city without wasting any time or effort. Whether you want to find a dentist in chandigarh or in Mumbai, this platform will help you in any case. The following points will help you more in understanding the various benefits of using this platform:

Only the best:

The first and foremost benefit of using Dentee is that you will only find the best dentists here. You will not encounter any kind of wasteful instances through this platform, as every dentist registered here is fully qualified and experienced. This also helps in reducing the time consumption, as you will not have to put the effort into getting the best options. Depending on your location, you will get the options of the best dentists in your locality. If you want to find dentist in velachery or dentist in siliguri ,then you will get the best result with their reviews.

Quick response:

You will not have to spend time waiting in order to confirm your dental appointments. You can choose to book an appointment at any dentist clinic of your liking. Here, you will get a confirmation quickly so you do not need to wait. This saves a good amount of time. Finding dentists is fast here as well. If you want to provide feedback on a particular dentist, you can do that easily through the website or through the official app.

No need to travel:

Before, one had to search locally in order to find any dentist. However, you can search and book dentists without going anywhere through this platform. Therefore, you will succeed in saving a great deal of effort. Not many people have the time to go out and look for a dentist in the current society. With Dentee, you do not need to go anywhere as well.

Make an informed decision:

You can read the feedback from other customers of this platform. There are reviews and comments from other customers who used the services of dentists. Therefore, you will be able to find out about the dentist. You will get to know whether it is suitable for you or not without spending much effort.

Online bookings:

Maybe you are in Surat and you want to book a dentist. Well, through Dentee, you can do that with just a few clicks. As stated earlier finding dentists, booking, and getting confirmation here is extremely quick here.

Optimize your recurring expenses on dental materials and consumables

Getting your revenues rolling is not easy in dental practice. Maintaining steady profits is an art that takes time to master and is often learned over time. But how long you may take, there are only two approaches to increase your profits – to cut down undue costs and to increase the revenues. When it comes to increasing revenues you may plan for an expansion. Cutting down on costs, on the other hand, is often seemingly simple but not so easy task.

One way to cost-cutting is optimizing your recurring expenses on dental materials and consumables. But cost-cutting must not happen at the stake of quality. Compromising quality for a cheaper dental material may save you a lot of money at the time of purchase but costs you much more in the long run. Employing cheap resources and low-cost supplies directly affect the quality of your services and so also your goodwill. This practice may negatively influence your reputation among your patients. Therefore, you should always invest in best supplies and highest quality dental material for your practice.

Most of the time, dentists rely on local vendors and suppliers for dental supplies but you can also buy dental supplies online from reliable portals such as Dentee. The dental eCommerce store of Dentee provides all the dental materials and consumables at competitive prices. Whether you need supplies for endodontics, prosthodontics, or common dentistry procedures; you will get all equipment and supplies under one roof at Dentee. All the resources available online at Dentee are of excellent quality yet available at affordable prices. Special offers and discounts are also given to dentists when purchasing materials in bulk. Now, you do not have to wander in vain to look for dental supplies from one vendor to another. You can easily and quickly order all required resources at the click of a button. Dentee greatly helps you in optimizing your recurring expenses on dental materials and consumables. Be it water flossers, interdental cleaning equipment, or periodontics instruments; everything is available at best offer price. All you need to do is create a list of resources you need, search and order them online, and wait for your order. Your deliverables will be shipped to your clinic in no time. Dentee ensures that you receive your supplies in swift turnaround time in best condition. So, next time you run out with your restoratives or need some esthetics, cosmetics, preventives, or bonding agents, you must visit Dentee to look for some amazing choices at a decent price.

Dentee also offers an assorted range of dental equipment from bleaching and whitening units, sterilization units, ultrasonic scalers, endo equipment, dental chairs, hand pieces, and other accessories. The range of consumables also includes a great collection of matrix systems, cement, mixing & dispensing supplies, dental dams, and other accessories. You can also get protective gear, face masks, and caps at Dentee. To conclude Dentee is a one-stop solution for all your dental resources and surgical accessories. Get best dental resources at affordable prices from Dentee!

Manage your dental clinic supply chain efficiently and reduce costs with dental practice software

Persistent profitability in your dental practice ensures long-term sustainability and financial stability. In other words, you cannot expect your dental practice to continue for long if you are not making steady profits. When it comes to increasing profits, you can either increase the revenue or reduce undue costs. Or maybe you can do a bit of both to maintain a steady flow of profits.

If you find that your clinic is already running at its peak capacity, then an obvious way of increasing revenue is by expanding your facilities. But with this approach, you may need to employ more staff and acquire more resources to complement the expansion. You need to optimize your supply chain to eliminate wastes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Acquiring more dental supplies require budgeting as well as financing. You may like it or not, but efficiently managing your supply-chain greatly influences your dental practice. It saves you from spending money on supplies extravagantly and help you in optimizing your supply chain to ensure profitability.

Every dental clinic may require different supplies for specific treatments along with general dental care. Depending upon the variety of treatments and procedures offered by your clinic, you must prioritize the supplies that you require. You must know what supplies you are using more often and which ones are used in rare cases. The stock of supplies must be maintained accordingly as per requirement. A knowledge about your resource requirement helps you when ordering supplies in keeping costs low. You can order particular items that you use more often in-bulk at a cheaper price. When you know that an item is not used very often or is likely not to be used in near future, you will deter purchasing it. Healthcare resources often come with an expiry date. Purchasing items that are not to be used over a period of time making them useless and you have to throw them anyway. It is always a good practice to review your current inventory, suppliers as well as purchase history before ordering new supplies. You can identify patterns as well as usage history to appropriately order supplies.

Dental practice management software also plays a crucial role in efficiently managing your supplies. Dental management software helps you maintain all the necessary records regarding your inventory and previous purchases. They help you track the resources in your inventory to ensure that you always end up having enough supplies and don’t run out-of-stock at times. In this manner, you can efficiently manage your dental clinic supply chain with a dental practice software. With a good dental practice management software, you can manage your supplies, review your item list, categorize your items, manage suppliers and vendors, administer purchase and sales orders, and monitor stocks. To manage your supply chain, cost-cutting must not be at the cost of quality. A good dental practice software helps you in streamlining the purchase process by identifying inefficiencies and eliminating waste thereby ensuring efficient supply chain management.

Engage with your patients through online review management with the best dental management software

In this ever-competitive era where information is often flooded to the patients from resources such as internet and smartphones, having a continuous web presence with a strong positive reputation is mandatory for a dentist. In fact, online reputation can greatly influence the success of a dentist. Whether you are an established veteran or starting your career as a dentist, patient loyalty and acquisition go a long way. Patient reviews can play a defining role in making your practice stand out so that potential customers can find you. Recent surveys reveal that over 84% patients trust online reviews as much as they follow personal recommendations. Almost every 7 customers out of 10 prefer to leave a review for their experience with a doctor. 90% patients read topmost reviews to form an opinion about the doctor they plan to visit. Almost 74% people affirm that positive reviews help in building up trust with a doctor. Online reviews and ratings about health care providers and physicians serve as a deciding factor for the patients to take their services. For this reason, dental clinics must employ dental management software that helps them engage patients via online review management.

A good dental clinic management software with an integrated module for online review management helps dentists in auto-posting their patient reviews to a majority of review sites and social media platforms. With an online review management software, dentists can easily automate the process of reputation management. It gives an opportunity to your patients to write about you and your services and provide feedback. On one hand, these reviews help you engage more potential customers, on the other hand, they help you improve your services for better. And responding to reviews is often a good idea to engage better with your patients. You may obviously respond to good reviews with a thank you note but do not forget to answer bad reviews or comments as well. Responding to reviews, good or bad, shows your patients that they are being heard and you care enough to consider their concerns. Patients appreciate quick responses and that may add some positive remarks on your online reputation.

Your dental management software can help you engage directly with your customers in various possible ways. You can create patient groups to send emails, can engage with them directly via SMS, communicate with the group and categorize patients, and even notify your patients about promotional offers. Additionally, your dental software also allows your patients to put their reviews that are directly available to you. This feedback can help you in getting an idea of how your services may appear online and what reputation do your patients hold about your services. You can take these online reviews as a tool to analyze flaws in your services and improve them to ensure your potential patients receive excellent healthcare services. You can also take these reviews as an opportunity to know your patients better. Best dental management software allow you to engage with your patients through online review management.

Know the reviews of your dentist on before visiting to them

It is more than common for a patient to feel enormous amounts of nervousness hours before dealing with the dentist. This is something people can incredibly relate, and it also common to be the reason for some to skip their appointments. The mentioned nervousness is often fueled by several fears for pointy things, the sound of some instruments, etcetera. But there is a fear people are so used to that it is not listed on the excuses when attempting to skip an appointment: the fear of the dentist to be a total and complete stranger. There is no visible solution for some of the previous fears, but the horror of your dentist to be a total stranger can be overcome with the use of technology at your advantage. Some websites on the internet offer an astonishing feature which compilates all the reviews of previous clients, whether they had a good or a bad experience. excels as one of the most friendly and efficient websites, always thinking on the wellbeing and comfort of the users, both dentists and patients. Of course, they count with one of the best experiences for patients to truly know everything they need to know about possible dentists, individuals who could gain or lose a future long-term client depending on the reviews they have.

Wherever you are, you can find the dentist who fits entirely to your likings and necessities. Thanks to the review system of, it is going to be incredibly easy to find quality dentist in every part of India. Any dentist in Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune, Ahmedabad or dentist in Rajkot can access this website and start getting more clients as a consequence of their qualifications and then, good reviews. Now, the experience of patients is highlighted, as some people take more value con the opinions of others than the degrees and studies of the dentist. Cities such as Vadodara, Surat, Patna, Indore, Jaipur are also covered with the amazingness of service, so everyone can enjoy the evolution of going to the dentist all across India.

This aspect adds one more step to the activity of going to the dentist. After you realize you must go, even after you ask for the opinion of relatives, you must add a visit to and start looking for the reviews of anyone who has ever gone to that particular dentist in the previous months or even years. Do not hesitate and register, as you will have access to a universe of information you will of course need before deciding to book an appointment in any of the mentioned cities. You can spare a bad dentist appointment now, avoiding those individuals who have a record of impoliteness, carelessness, even some dentist whose prices do not compare with the poor quality of their instruments or even their performance. The most incredible part is that the process does not end there, you can be a part of that world to and you can share your opinions about a doctor who deserves to be rewarded for it quality, or for whose performance.