Optimize your recurring expenses on dental materials and consumables

Getting your revenues rolling is not easy in dental practice. Maintaining steady profits is an art that takes time to master and is often learned over time. But how long you may take, there are only two approaches to increase your profits – to cut down undue costs and to increase the revenues. When it comes to increasing revenues you may plan for an expansion. Cutting down on costs, on the other hand, is often seemingly simple but not so easy task.

One way to cost-cutting is optimizing your recurring expenses on dental materials and consumables. But cost-cutting must not happen at the stake of quality. Compromising quality for a cheaper dental material may save you a lot of money at the time of purchase but costs you much more in the long run. Employing cheap resources and low-cost supplies directly affect the quality of your services and so also your goodwill. This practice may negatively influence your reputation among your patients. Therefore, you should always invest in best supplies and highest quality dental material for your practice.

Most of the time, dentists rely on local vendors and suppliers for dental supplies but you can also buy dental supplies online from reliable portals such as Dentee. The dental eCommerce store of Dentee provides all the dental materials and consumables at competitive prices. Whether you need supplies for endodontics, prosthodontics, or common dentistry procedures; you will get all equipment and supplies under one roof at Dentee. All the resources available online at Dentee are of excellent quality yet available at affordable prices. Special offers and discounts are also given to dentists when purchasing materials in bulk. Now, you do not have to wander in vain to look for dental supplies from one vendor to another. You can easily and quickly order all required resources at the click of a button. Dentee greatly helps you in optimizing your recurring expenses on dental materials and consumables. Be it water flossers, interdental cleaning equipment, or periodontics instruments; everything is available at best offer price. All you need to do is create a list of resources you need, search and order them online, and wait for your order. Your deliverables will be shipped to your clinic in no time. Dentee ensures that you receive your supplies in swift turnaround time in best condition. So, next time you run out with your restoratives or need some esthetics, cosmetics, preventives, or bonding agents, you must visit Dentee to look for some amazing choices at a decent price.

Dentee also offers an assorted range of dental equipment from bleaching and whitening units, sterilization units, ultrasonic scalers, endo equipment, dental chairs, hand pieces, and other accessories. The range of consumables also includes a great collection of matrix systems, cement, mixing & dispensing supplies, dental dams, and other accessories. You can also get protective gear, face masks, and caps at Dentee. To conclude Dentee is a one-stop solution for all your dental resources and surgical accessories. Get best dental resources at affordable prices from Dentee!

Manage your dental clinic supply chain efficiently and reduce costs with dental practice software

Persistent profitability in your dental practice ensures long-term sustainability and financial stability. In other words, you cannot expect your dental practice to continue for long if you are not making steady profits. When it comes to increasing profits, you can either increase the revenue or reduce undue costs. Or maybe you can do a bit of both to maintain a steady flow of profits.

If you find that your clinic is already running at its peak capacity, then an obvious way of increasing revenue is by expanding your facilities. But with this approach, you may need to employ more staff and acquire more resources to complement the expansion. You need to optimize your supply chain to eliminate wastes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Acquiring more dental supplies require budgeting as well as financing. You may like it or not, but efficiently managing your supply-chain greatly influences your dental practice. It saves you from spending money on supplies extravagantly and help you in optimizing your supply chain to ensure profitability.

Every dental clinic may require different supplies for specific treatments along with general dental care. Depending upon the variety of treatments and procedures offered by your clinic, you must prioritize the supplies that you require. You must know what supplies you are using more often and which ones are used in rare cases. The stock of supplies must be maintained accordingly as per requirement. A knowledge about your resource requirement helps you when ordering supplies in keeping costs low. You can order particular items that you use more often in-bulk at a cheaper price. When you know that an item is not used very often or is likely not to be used in near future, you will deter purchasing it. Healthcare resources often come with an expiry date. Purchasing items that are not to be used over a period of time making them useless and you have to throw them anyway. It is always a good practice to review your current inventory, suppliers as well as purchase history before ordering new supplies. You can identify patterns as well as usage history to appropriately order supplies.

Dental practice management software also plays a crucial role in efficiently managing your supplies. Dental management software helps you maintain all the necessary records regarding your inventory and previous purchases. They help you track the resources in your inventory to ensure that you always end up having enough supplies and don’t run out-of-stock at times. In this manner, you can efficiently manage your dental clinic supply chain with a dental practice software. With a good dental practice management software, you can manage your supplies, review your item list, categorize your items, manage suppliers and vendors, administer purchase and sales orders, and monitor stocks. To manage your supply chain, cost-cutting must not be at the cost of quality. A good dental practice software helps you in streamlining the purchase process by identifying inefficiencies and eliminating waste thereby ensuring efficient supply chain management.

Engage with your patients through online review management with the best dental management software

In this ever-competitive era where information is often flooded to the patients from resources such as internet and smartphones, having a continuous web presence with a strong positive reputation is mandatory for a dentist. In fact, online reputation can greatly influence the success of a dentist. Whether you are an established veteran or starting your career as a dentist, patient loyalty and acquisition go a long way. Patient reviews can play a defining role in making your practice stand out so that potential customers can find you. Recent surveys reveal that over 84% patients trust online reviews as much as they follow personal recommendations. Almost every 7 customers out of 10 prefer to leave a review for their experience with a doctor. 90% patients read topmost reviews to form an opinion about the doctor they plan to visit. Almost 74% people affirm that positive reviews help in building up trust with a doctor. Online reviews and ratings about health care providers and physicians serve as a deciding factor for the patients to take their services. For this reason, dental clinics must employ dental management software that helps them engage patients via online review management.

A good dental clinic management software with an integrated module for online review management helps dentists in auto-posting their patient reviews to a majority of review sites and social media platforms. With an online review management software, dentists can easily automate the process of reputation management. It gives an opportunity to your patients to write about you and your services and provide feedback. On one hand, these reviews help you engage more potential customers, on the other hand, they help you improve your services for better. And responding to reviews is often a good idea to engage better with your patients. You may obviously respond to good reviews with a thank you note but do not forget to answer bad reviews or comments as well. Responding to reviews, good or bad, shows your patients that they are being heard and you care enough to consider their concerns. Patients appreciate quick responses and that may add some positive remarks on your online reputation.

Your dental management software can help you engage directly with your customers in various possible ways. You can create patient groups to send emails, can engage with them directly via SMS, communicate with the group and categorize patients, and even notify your patients about promotional offers. Additionally, your dental software also allows your patients to put their reviews that are directly available to you. This feedback can help you in getting an idea of how your services may appear online and what reputation do your patients hold about your services. You can take these online reviews as a tool to analyze flaws in your services and improve them to ensure your potential patients receive excellent healthcare services. You can also take these reviews as an opportunity to know your patients better. Best dental management software allow you to engage with your patients through online review management.

Know the reviews of your dentist on Dentee.com before visiting to them

It is more than common for a patient to feel enormous amounts of nervousness hours before dealing with the dentist. This is something people can incredibly relate, and it also common to be the reason for some to skip their appointments. The mentioned nervousness is often fueled by several fears for pointy things, the sound of some instruments, etcetera. But there is a fear people are so used to that it is not listed on the excuses when attempting to skip an appointment: the fear of the dentist to be a total and complete stranger. There is no visible solution for some of the previous fears, but the horror of your dentist to be a total stranger can be overcome with the use of technology at your advantage. Some websites on the internet offer an astonishing feature which compilates all the reviews of previous clients, whether they had a good or a bad experience. Dentee.com excels as one of the most friendly and efficient websites, always thinking on the wellbeing and comfort of the users, both dentists and patients. Of course, they count with one of the best experiences for patients to truly know everything they need to know about possible dentists, individuals who could gain or lose a future long-term client depending on the reviews they have.

Wherever you are, you can find the dentist who fits entirely to your likings and necessities. Thanks to the review system of Dentee.com, it is going to be incredibly easy to find quality dentist in every part of India. Any dentist in Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune, Ahmedabad or dentist in Rajkot can access this website and start getting more clients as a consequence of their qualifications and then, good reviews. Now, the experience of patients is highlighted, as some people take more value con the opinions of others than the degrees and studies of the dentist. Cities such as Vadodara, Surat, Patna, Indore, Jaipur are also covered with the amazingness of Dentee.com service, so everyone can enjoy the evolution of going to the dentist all across India.

This aspect adds one more step to the activity of going to the dentist. After you realize you must go, even after you ask for the opinion of relatives, you must add a visit to Dentee.com and start looking for the reviews of anyone who has ever gone to that particular dentist in the previous months or even years. Do not hesitate and register, as you will have access to a universe of information you will of course need before deciding to book an appointment in any of the mentioned cities. You can spare a bad dentist appointment now, avoiding those individuals who have a record of impoliteness, carelessness, even some dentist whose prices do not compare with the poor quality of their instruments or even their performance. The most incredible part is that the process does not end there, you can be a part of that world to and you can share your opinions about a doctor who deserves to be rewarded for it quality, or for whose performance.

Online Booking is the definitive solution for dental appointments

Having to waste an entire day only to be attended by a doctor is now a long-gone practice. This practice has been overruled by online appointment booking. Imagine yourself in a life where you only need to use internet in the comfort of your technological devices to enlist a dentist appointment. It is more that sure that the described life is the one you desire to have, and it is more than a possibility thanks to websites such as Dentee.com.

Online booking in Mumbai will surely change the way they go to the doctor. More than once, people have relegated their vital need for a doctor appointment only because they lack the required time to reach the office of the selected doctor. Mumbai is a city that will not stop for anyone and thankfully, the industry has adapted to its rhythm of life. If you simply do not have the time for manually booking an appointment, you can reach to Dentee.com to do this task. You can select from a massive amount of dentist located in this city by first looking at their well described profiles. You will surely find a dentist in Mumbai with the exact characteristics you want to and stick to its dentist office for the years to come. Now you do not need to rely on opinions of others who may or may not know what are you looking for, you will only need to rely on the information displayed about the dentist on this friendly and intuitive website.

Dentee.com offers their clients the opportunity to meet the experts nearby their locations, find the best dental clinic in Mumbai which offers exactly what they need, online booking for their appointments and even an amazing perk that will remind you of your important meetings. After seeing all the benefits an online platform gives to the dentist world, it is more than obvious why online booking has become a necessity for both dentists and patients. Not every page does this effortlessly, but there is no doubt that in Dentee.com perfectionism and attention to detail is what dominates every decision as well as every service or product.

Online booking is the ultimate solution to save time and even money if you had to use public transport, and it is a service available for all users who can access the vast world of internet. It is time for people to take advantage of the resources they count with and truly live a 21th century experience when it comes to going to the dentist, an activity as ancient as medicine itself. The health of your mouth should be as important as the health of the rest of your body, and thanks to the services Dentee.com provide, time is not the excuse anymore for getting to a professional and attending to those issues you have been relegating during the course of the years. Reach to your nearest device and book a dental appointment, you have to experience the level of quality this service offers.

Stay Away from the Gray Market Industry when buying Dental products

There are indeed countless options for those interested on buying dental products online, and these may vary in prices, safety and quality. They gray market industry is a common option for the variety of products and some sort of freedom they can offer within transactions. But one thing for user is that it also comes with a lot of threats, scams and cheats. Respected dentists offices do not buy from gray market because they know all things that could go wrong with the purchase of a product, and this is the same reason why these offices trust on websites like Dentee.com when it comes to buying cheaper dental material in the market with an assurance of safety and cero illegalness.

There is one truth that explains all the movement the gray market has, and it is the possibility to find cheaper prices for products, but every person who buys behind the manufacturers back knows the consequences a cheap product can cause. Trustworthy dentists know the importance in quality of the products they use, and intelligent customers -who are more than what people may think- know when they are being offered an incompetent or cheap solution. Odontology is a field that must be treated with the highest levels of thoroughness and effort as the appearance and overall health of people is at stake. Another thing to keep in mind is that this field has never been cheap, as the instruments used are impressively crafted. But everything is not lost, as online shopping has given this industry incredible opportunities for cheaper dental products available for everyone interested. Dentee.com has always been committed to offer the best quality and cheap prices, to ensure any dentist office to strive and impart health to the community.

The number of products this online shop has is jut breathtaking. From the most basic materials for cleaning to endodontics, ultrasonic and obturation instrument, it is the one and only platform you will need to use when purchasing all you need. Dentee.com has one of the largest manufacturer lists out there and that explains the range of services they provide and the only contact you would have to make is only to the page itself, which will solve any doubt or problem quickly and efficiently. The rank this website has gained over the course of time is totally explainable for all the merits it definitely stores.

Online purchasing of dental product is now more than a possibility and it can even be more rewarding than the old ways. The connection you have to the dental manufacturing industry would be impossible without websites such as Dentee.com, which not only offers a friendly online platform for everyone to use but the topnotch quality in product. Once you try buying from this page, you will all in love with the massive product list they have, filled with your favorite products of your favorite manufacturers all waiting for you to give a single click. Make your dental business grow with dentee.com

Searching for a Dentist in Mumbai? Get the top dentist list on Dentee

Mumbai is known for having a large number of speciality dental clinics, but finding a dentist in Mumbai is not an easy task. With the recent developments in technology, the best dental clinics in Mumbai are now able to provide seamless dental treatments to everyone. These dental clinics in Mumbai, not only provide you with the basic dental treatment but also advanced dental treatments like dental implants, smile makeover, teeth crowns and much more to ensure that everything is taken care of.

But in the busy life that everyone leads in Mumbai, it becomes difficult to search for the best dentist in Mumbai and make an appointment. Dentee provides you a list of more than 5000 dentists in Mumbai and helps you select the one best suited to your requirements. Whether you want information of a dentist in Andheri or a dentist in Bandra or even a dentist in Juhu, Dentee has got you covered across the entire location of Mumbai.

You can easily scroll amongst the list of dental specialists in your vicinity and select the one you wish to visit for your treatment. To make it easier for people to select the dentist in Mumbai, Dentee ensures to upload the experiences of people who have already visited the dentist, so that you can review and compare the various dentists in your area and make the best decision for yourself.

The user-friendly interface of Dentee makes it easier for you to schedule quick appointments with the dentist of your choice, additionally, you also receive message reminders of the appointment, so that you don’t forget about it in your day to day life. One can also easily store their medical documents on their profile in Dentee, thus saving the hassle of having to carry endless files to the dentist every time you have an appointment.

Now find the finest Dentist near your location on Dentee.com

We all know the importance of health care, but we tend to neglect dental care most of the times, which leads us eventually to fall prey to various minor and major dental problems. But in the fast-paced schedules we lead in our day-to-day lives, it is quite a difficult to take out time for dental check-ups. Coupled with this, finding a qualified and skilled dentist in your area, is a different daunting task altogether.

This is where Dentee comes to your rescue and helps you easily locate qualified dentists around you and make quick appointments online. It doesn’t matter where you are located, if you want to search for a dentist in Nagpur or for a dentist in Aurangabad, Dentee has got you covered. You can easily search for dentists in Nashik and dentist in Pune as well from the list of dentists registered on Dentee.

Dentee always maintains the updated profiles of all the dentists, from their clinic address to their contact info and clinic timings, every piece of information is easily made available for you. More than that, Dentee also keeps the record of testimonials and experiences of people who recently booked their dentists appointments, and got their treatments done. This allows you to have a knowledge of the various dentist in and around your locality and helps you decide which dentist would be the best for you.

Other additional benefits of Dentee, include the ease of creating your profile on the app for free and storing your medical documents online. When you do this, you don’t have to worry about always carrying the previous appointment prescriptions and other medical papers, as they are all stored in the mobile app easily. Once you use Dentee to book an appointment with the dentist, you also receive SMS reminders for the same to ensure that you don’t miss out on your clinic visits. You also receive dental tips through the app, which allow you to take better care of dental hygiene at home.

With Dentee, finding dentists in Indore or dentists in Jaipur or dentists in Surat, in fact finding dentists across India had never this been easier. Dentee takes pride in connecting you to the dentist nearest to you and best suited for the treatment that you are looking for.

Invitation for 37th International Dental Show, Cologne, Germany, 21-25 Mar 2017

Your favourite platform Dentee.com will be participating in International Dental Show (IDS) that opens its doors in Cologne, Germany from 21 to 25 March 2017. Dentee.com is the first Indian dental online platform to participate in International Dental Show, 2017.


Dentee.com is a comprehensive platform for dentists’ which offers a full spectrum of service for dental practices, ranging from best dental practice management software to dentists education, dental e-commerce to knowledge sharing. It aims for better patient care, better dentistry, and motto of spreading “Happy Smiles” through digital information management.
This year around 2,300 exhibitors from over 60 countries will present the latest products, technical innovations and trends in the field of dentistry during the five days of the IDS fair. Dentists can find high quality, innovative continuing dental education as well as opportunities to network with colleagues. Visitors will get to interact with exhibitors, dental material & equipment suppliers.


Therefore, a step initiated by Dentee.com towards an International Platform will help for :


  • Global promotion of Indian Dental Industry through latest technologies
  • Promotion of Dental Tourism in India
  • Promotion of Indian Dental Courses on a global platform
  • Recognition of Indian Dental Speakers across the world
  • Promoting our Dental products in the international markets


Over 1, 40,000 international trade visitors are expected to attend the dental trade fair. IDS is a must visit for dental professionals, students, surgeons, and clinicians from across the globe.
Coming March, we invite you at our stall No. F075, Hall 2.2 at IDS, 2017.
Thank you! We look forward for your valuable feedback and continued support to make this a better platform.


Dentee Team

PYORRHEA : Don’t let it affect your confidence

Pyorrhea also called as periodontitis is a common inflammatory disease affecting the periodontium. Periodontitis involves progressive loss of the alveolar bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, can lead to the loosening and subsequent loss of teeth. Periodontitis is caused by microorganisms that adhere to and grow on the tooth’s surfaces, along with an over-aggressive immune response against these microorganisms.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea:

Pus discharge from gums
Swollen gums
Halitosis i.e bad breath
Tooth Mobility
Loss of teeth in severe cases

Treatment of Pyorrhea:
Control of Infection with antibiotics
Maintaining good oral hygiene
Scaling and root plaining
Local curettage